Thanksgiving Day with the family.


Day 132

The wedding was awesome.  Their vows were touching (I know that sounds sappy but they were).  The reception was a blast.  The food was outstanding.  It seemed that everyone was really enjoying themselves.

I might have enjoyed myself too much though and I’m paying for it now.

The pictures tell a better story than I can.

Day 131

Last night was a blast but as usual, I should have left hours earlier than I did.  This morning was slow.

I was out walking Charlie in the fields behind the farm.  The quiet struck me.  I could hear bees zipping around, something which I assure you does not happy in West Medford.  The commuter rail, I-93, Logan Airport all crush any hope of hearing nature except early on Sunday mornings.

Anyhow, I managed to interview a few people last night with my digital audio recorder.  Lets see if I can do something with it.

For lunch Kate, Hazel, Ben, Emma and I went to the Great Barrington Brew pub.  The consensus was: good beer, mediocre food.

We’re to get ready for the main event around 3:00.

Picture from last night:

Day 130

We managed to leave the house exactly on time but it didn’t take long for our perfectly executed plan to go awry.  I got a sense that I had left my white shirt back home as we pulled onto 128 south.  After pulling over and checking my suspicions we’re proved right so we rounded up and headed back to Medford.  The groomsmen attire was quite simple, black suit, white shirt so it was fairly important that I score a 100% on that task.

The drive was uneventful apart from meeting up with Ben and Emma at a rest stop on the Pike.

We arrived at the Gedney Farm with not a moment to spare.  I checked us in and got right to work ironing my stuff for the rehearsal dinner.  The farm was beautiful and the manor where the rehearsal took place was equally stunning.  Views of the Berkshires set the backdrop for a truly memorable night.

Day 129

We’re off to Jeremy and Erinne’s wedding tomorrow.  We’ve all been looking forward to the occasion and are glad to be able to bring both Hazel and Charlie.

I can’t resist posting another 4th month picture.

Day 128

This is a picture from her 4th month birthday that I forgot to upload.

Day 127

Bath time!

Day 126

I’m whooped today.  Hazel is doing great though.  She smiles so much now.

Day 125

The weather today was eerily similar to the weather 9 years ago.  I’m working on a kitchen now for a woman who lost her brother on that day.  He was a telephone lineman working on the roof of one of the twin towers.  He had time to call his family but didn’t make it off the roof.  May he, and everyone else who died that day rest in peace.

In other news we had a great dinner out in the back yard.

Day 124

I’m renaming fishing.  It will henceforth be known as driving around in a boat.

I was really hoping on catching something, anything.  A small perch, black fish or even a dogfish would have been welcomed.  Next time, I’m just going to load up all the poles with a wad of nasty bait and just hang in there until they start biting.

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