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Day 23

Had a great time at my brother’s Memorial Day BBQ.  All the cousins we’re there.

Charlotte and Hazel

James, Kate, Hazel and Niall.


Day 22

“Sideburns are named after Civil War General Ambrose Burnside of RI, who had a great set of chops”

-Narragansett Beer Cap

Guest blogger signing on.  You can take a guess who it is.

So, Andy and I just finished a delicious dinner reminiscent of our pre-baby days. Well, at least for the first 15 minutes or so when Hazel was soundly sleeping in her bouncy chair.  I kept thinking to myself, I am not even going to look over there because I know as soon as I do those little eyes are going to open and we all know what happens after that…yep, crying.  She eventually woke up, but those 15 minutes were fabulous!  And then she joined us at the table for a little dinner of her own…courtesy of me, thank you (for the record, Hazel, you eat A LOT).  But, to be honest, as fabulous as it was to have those few minutes to enjoy our dinner, I don’t think I could be happier than when that baby is right next to me.  Amazing how much you can love someone.

Last night was a “good night.”  I am not even going to go into detail about what a “bad night” entails.  Let’s just say it wouldn’t be categorized as “fun” and it generally includes a fair amount of time spent watching infomercials.  Anyway, last night we were in bed at 10pm (woo hoo!) and Hazel woke up every three hours, almost on the dot.  Not only is three hours pretty wonderful, but the most wonderful part was that after eating she went right back to sleep in the bassinet.  For the past three weeks Andy or I have been spending the latter part of the night on the couch with her because she wants NOTHING to do with the bassinet in the middle of the night. Prior to last night it had crossed my mind that I would be spending the better part of my night on the couch for a long time, but last night gave me hope!  My mother said that you can’t spoil a baby in the first three weeks of life because they don’t know enough.  Well, three weeks are up today, Hazel.  Get ready for “Strict Mom.”  Ha ha, Andy will get a kick out of that…when it comes to my Vins and Charlie, I am pretty much the opposite of strict.  I say, how can you be strict with two such cute, furry animals?  I honestly don’t think it’s possible.   So, Andy just told me “people like pictures” so here you go…this is wide-eyed Hazel right before her 7am feeding.

Guest blogging is fun.  I’ll be back.

And since Andy said you all like pictures, I will leave you with one more.  Here is Hazel taking a little snooze this afternoon while her Mom wasted time watching “The Real Housewives of New York.”  Those women are crazy, but the show is addictive.  And significantly more entertaining than infomercials.

“Cornelius Kelley”

-Narragansett Beer Cap

Day 21

Wow, 21 days since Kate gave birth to Hazel.  I’m not going to say it feels like yesterday, but it certainly doesn’t feel like 21 days ago.

Good times at Ross, Tamara and Elsa’s cookout today.  Never has the saying “birds of a feather” been more fitting.  Most everyone there had a new born and most everyone there was an engineer.  I’m really glad to have met new and cool people.

Last night I didn’t get much sleep.  Coupled with the several + beers I’ve had today, I’m feeling a bit delirious.  Kate and Hazel are sleeping soundly and for that I’m very thankful.

Hazel and I watched a show today that featured Ahmad Shah Massoud who was the leader of the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan fighting the taliban prior to 911.  During one scene he was shown battling the taliban in an intense artillery fight and in another clip strolling down the steps of some parliamentary building in a western country alongside western diplomats.  The juxtaposition of Massoud in those two positions, on one hand engaged in all out war and on the other engaged in diplomacy, struck me deeply.  Its a reminder of how easy we have it.

Day 20

Lots of guests tonight and I missed the day 20 post.

Good times anyway.

Seeing Red

The only place a student can consolidate their loans is with the Federal Government.  This is new as of this year.  Kate just learned they are going to charge us 7.875% interest on the loan.

Given the historicly low interest rates offered by the Federal Reserve and the bailouts of the financial institutions this is outrageous!!!  Someone has some real big nuts trying to pull a stunt like this.  Are they trying to follow the model of Mastercard and Visa?  And this is why I’m seeing Red.

I’ve been in contact with Congressman Markey’s office who’s staff has been very helpful thus far.  I’ve been in contact with Senator Brown’s office who’s staff has also been very helpful thus far.  I got a “Sorry, thats sounds like a bummer” type response from Senator Kerry’s office.

Please, someone out there tell me I’m overreacting or something.  I just feel so outraged by this!

Luckily Kate has employment and we bot have the real-world experience to try and resolve this.  I feel very sorry for the young new grads who probably won’t notice this in between the distraction of trying to find a job and adjusting to the real-world.  I’m usually not cynical but I can’t help but wonder is this some sort of sub-rosa revenue generating scheme they concocted?

Debit Card Fraud

And in other news, some douche bag stole Kate’s debit card number and purchased over a $1000 worth of goods from a perfume importer in Chile.  God help us if the fraud department at our bank doesn’t rule in our favor.

Day 19

Hazel went up to NH today for some sales tax-free shopping.

Kate, Hazel and I started off the morning heading to True Grounds in Ball Square for coffee and scones.  They have the best of both.  Ball Square is fast becoming one of my favorite spots.  It’s still rough around the edges but has some gems for food and drink.

The baby seems to be happiest in Kate’s arms.  If we put her down and she’s not in deep sleep she starts fussing.  The fussing quickly turns into screaming.  A mother we met at True Grounds said she had to keep reminding herself of what her Aunt told her.  “Babies cry, that’s what they do.”  She had a beautiful little girl herself who was quite alert and definitely not crying.  Something to look forward too.  Still, there is tons to enjoy now.


Hazel is pissed that Perkins just got a technical foul.  I agree.  Bullshit call.

Day 18

How, with a pedigree of impeccable skin, could our baby have acne?  Both Kate, and I, are largely known for our near flawless complexions.  It wasn’t but a short time ago that we were drawing a handsome salary gracing the advertisements of Noxzema and Neutrogena.

Or, sorry Hazel, the bad skin genes run deep.  If I were you, I would count on about 33 years of bad skin.  You might have brief periods of a month here and a month there of clear skin but more or less, your screwed.

It was 90+ today.  Generally this is July, August weather.  Hazel did not like it.  She loved being held in front of the fan.

Her eyes seemed to be a bit more alert today.  I think she really looked at me today.  I can also feel her neck muscles getting a bit stronger.

Talked to her Grampa Monday who is on a ship in the Gulf of Mexico.  He didn’t see any of the oil slick but noticed a distinctly odd oder that he attributed to the spill while they sailed from Mexico to Texas.  The ship left Monday for Turkey.  I’ll be curious to find out if he saw any of the oil.

Hazel, FYI a massive oil spill is occurring in the Gulf of Mexico.  Its the largest spill ever.  They are attempting a “top kill” today but its not certain this will work.  It appears that no contingency has every been thought of for such a spill.  Sort of like designing a car and forgetting the breaks until you come to your first stop sign then trying to design and implement them on the fly.  Anyhow, hopefully they stop it soon.  Lots of people are going to be impacted by this for a long time.

Day 17

No time to write tonight.  Got home from work late.  We also had a visit from Sean.  Hazel loves her new present but would rather cry than play with it.  More tomorrow.