Day 5

Where's me grog?

Today the VNA came to help with the breast-feeding, thus far, the hardest part for Kate.  Hazel becomes very frustrated if she can not get instant food.  Kate on the other hand has endless patience.  Soothing Hazel while Kate attempts a feeding seems to be effective although we’re still experimenting.

During our stay at MGH, Kate saw several lactation consultants as well as the pediatrician, if one things was consistent between all of them it was they all had different advice.  I suppose our take away is that there is no right way.  Kate will just have to experiment and Hazel will have to keep learning.

Over the past 5 days we’ve learned that Hazel can eat, poop, pee, burp and of course fart (she is a Collins after all) but today we learned she can also puke.  I don’t think I burped her well enough after her lunch.

I tried to take some pictures whiles she was awake, hopefully they’ll be worth posting.  My sister Laurel has asked for some pictures with her eyes open.

My brother Matt, sister-in-law Christine and nephews James and Niall are coming for a visit tonight, as are Ben and Emma.

I’m a bit tired but less so than I had anticipated.  More to come.


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