Day 6

Hazel, day 6

Getting ready for the doctor's office.

Feeding sucks.  I don’t know how Kate keeps it together.  I guess thats why women evolved the breasts and not men.  Simply put, men don’t have the patience and couldn’t be trusted to stop touching themselves if we had boobs.

A good friend of Kate’s just wrote to her to say breast feeding is like Fight Club and first rule of Fight Club is don’t talk about fight club.  Everyone struggles, but as soon as it starts to work out they forget it, or better said purge it from memory.  Because of this, its not really talked about and somewhat unexpected when the struggle begins.  It was reassuring for Kate to hear from her friend that it is normal and that it gets better.

I felt myself getting frustrated during a feeding last night but it was so important to keep it together for Kate’s sake.  This is not an individual event.  Its a team of three.  The uncontrolled factor is Hazel.  My job is to be a known quantity and stay in control for Kate.

Anyhow, the main event for this morning was a doctor’s visit to confirm that Hazel is gaining weight.  We were relieved to find out she’s gained 5 ounces since Wednesday.  Its normal that babies loose weight for the first several days but they should start gaining shortly thereafter.

Tuesday night Martin brought us a bottle of wine and bolognese sauce that was out of this world.  We had it for dinner Tuesday night and lunch today.  Having supper with Kate while watching TV and sipping wine was brief period of normalcy in an otherwise roller-coaster of a week.

My brother and his family stopped by last night and brought us chicken soup, corn salad and pasta salad.  We haven’t had the pasta salad yet but everything else was terrific.

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