Day 8

Mila and Hazel

Mila, Hazel, Paul and Andy

“Mila meet Hazel!”

“Hazel meet Mila!”

And so begins their lifelong friendship.

Thanks Paul and Stacey for bringing breakfast, free food rocks.

With every new day comes a new surprise.  Today’s surprise is a wonderful learning experience for all and I’d like to take this moment to share it with you.  The birthing process is a natural process filled with harmony, joy, bliss and the painful reworking of Mommy’s mid section and behind.

The mother will come to know parts of her body she never knew existited, or perhaps long ago forgot. One of these parts is the tailbone or coccyx, the final portion of the ape vertebral column.

Most of us learned about the coccyx in middle school, and immediately forgot it.  For the postpartum mom, its just one more piece of her that can go haywire and start to really hurt.  Ever wonder where the expression “she’s a pain in my ass” comes from?  Well, its likely it has to do with the bruising or fracturing of the tailbone during birth.

Hazel, stop being a pain in Mom’s ass.


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