Day 12

“Hello.  My name is Hazel.  I have a drinking problem.” said the small child.  “You see, I can’t have just one drink.  I must keep drinking until I either puke or pass out.”

Her parents are very concerned.  Not once, but twice she binged and puked today.  Legless, she was guided to her bassinet where sleep held at bay the urge to drink for but a few brief hours.

And so it goes, the child wants food constantly!  I know this is how babies are but it seems like she is either asleep, feeding or flipping out because she’s not on the boob.  A few smiles here and there make it all worth it though.

Its amazing how much change is happening from day to day.  She’s still tiny but her face is rounding out, her fingers are getting a bit plump, her gaze just that more alert.  We’re going to try and start learning the alphabet tomorrow.

Hair seems a bit reddish, eyes are still blue.


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