Day 18

How, with a pedigree of impeccable skin, could our baby have acne?  Both Kate, and I, are largely known for our near flawless complexions.  It wasn’t but a short time ago that we were drawing a handsome salary gracing the advertisements of Noxzema and Neutrogena.

Or, sorry Hazel, the bad skin genes run deep.  If I were you, I would count on about 33 years of bad skin.  You might have brief periods of a month here and a month there of clear skin but more or less, your screwed.

It was 90+ today.  Generally this is July, August weather.  Hazel did not like it.  She loved being held in front of the fan.

Her eyes seemed to be a bit more alert today.  I think she really looked at me today.  I can also feel her neck muscles getting a bit stronger.

Talked to her Grampa Monday who is on a ship in the Gulf of Mexico.  He didn’t see any of the oil slick but noticed a distinctly odd oder that he attributed to the spill while they sailed from Mexico to Texas.  The ship left Monday for Turkey.  I’ll be curious to find out if he saw any of the oil.

Hazel, FYI a massive oil spill is occurring in the Gulf of Mexico.  Its the largest spill ever.  They are attempting a “top kill” today but its not certain this will work.  It appears that no contingency has every been thought of for such a spill.  Sort of like designing a car and forgetting the breaks until you come to your first stop sign then trying to design and implement them on the fly.  Anyhow, hopefully they stop it soon.  Lots of people are going to be impacted by this for a long time.

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