Day 25

After the baby eats and is satisfied she falls into a very peaceful sleep.  She’ll curl up in my arms with her belly pressed to my chest and nuzzle her head up under my chin.  I imagine the slow rise and fall of my chest as I breath is a soothing motion for her.

Its amazing to see her rise slowly and fall back slowing with each breath and at the same time watch her breathing rate whichis 3 times as fast as mine.

Some day she’s going to yell at me and slam doors in my face because I won’t let her go out or do something.  Though, watching her now, it seems impossible.

Her eyes are blue now but we were wondering when we’d know the final color.  Google has revealed that the final color should ‘set’ by about 6 months or a bit longer.  Kate has blue eyes, mine are grey, blue or green depending, so chances are pretty good that Hazels will be blue.

Operation “Spill Baby Spill” is still going on.  No end in site to the BP oil spill.

Celtics begin the champions ships tomorrow against the Lakers.  Kate is excited to watch.  Hazel says “Go C’s!”


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