Day 26

This blog has to be getting really fucking flipping boring.  Every day I’m like “Today Hazel ate milk, cried and slept. Kate is awesome.  I’m a sap.”  Well its all ending today…But will most likely resume tomorrow.

First, boring recap:  Hazel cries when she’s not eating or sleeping.  Kate’s nipples are extremely soar.  Hazel and her friends Elsa and Owen went to see their frist movie today, Sex in the City.  Not what I would have brought her to but I’m not waking up every three and half minutes all night breast feeding.  For the record, she just ate from 6:30 until 8:15, we had to finish off with formula.

Now for the fun stuff:

Did you know the first Home sapiens was born around 200,000 years ago, unless you are a young Earth theorist, in which case he was born around 6000 years ago.

From Wikipedia:

The Middle English word diaper originally referred to the type of cloth rather than its use; “diaper” was the term for a pattern of small repeated geometric shapes, and later came to describe a white cotton or linen fabric with this pattern.[3] The first cloth diapers consisted of a special type of soft tissue sheet, cut into geometric shapes. This type of pattern was called diapering and eventually gave its name to the cloth used to make diapers and then to the diaper itself, traced back to 1590s England.[4] This usage stuck in the United States and Canada, but in Britain the word “nappy” took its place. Most sources believe nappy is a diminutive form of the word napkin.[5]

In the 19th century, the modern diaper began to take shape and children in Europe and North America were being diapered using cotton material, held in place with a safety pin. Cloth diapers were first mass produced in 1887 by Maria Allen in the United States.

Henri Nestle created the first formula in the 1860s in Switzerland.

Humans are born premature relative to other mammals to allow our large skull to fit through the birth canal.  We can’t run with the herd hours after birth and we rely on help from our parents until at least our early teens.  But for most people my age, we rely on help from our parents perpetually.

Celtics play the Lakers tonight in game 1 of the NBA Championships.

Kate’s computer just crashed and I lost much of what I was going to write.  Lets try for an interesting post tomorrow.

  1. Mom/Gail

    Wow, what a surprise! Does this picture of me with dear little Hazel on your blog make me famous? Fran would like this-I’m actually smiling for a picture. How did that happen? Loved my visit with Hazel and her parents. Hazel is beautiful. Loved seeing her looking around and checking out her new home. I think she likes it-I think she’s staying. Love, Mom

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