Day 28

And the thunderstorms roll on.  The lighting was intense, hitting all around the house.  I couldn’t remember how it was you can tell the distance to the lighting strike.  A quick search on google revealed that you count the seconds between when you see the lighting and when you hear the thunder and divide by 5.  That will give you the distance in miles.

We took the baby to Brett and Eileen’s for Brett’s birthday.  I thought we’d be able to go to my brother Dan’s after but Hazel didn’t want to.  She cried most of the way home.

Met up with a few of my old team mates from UNH.  It was good to see them.  Everyone is either engaged or married and a few have little kiddies now.  Funny to think of the shenanigans we used to pull at school and now we’re parents or soon to be parents.

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