Day 30

Hazel, this post is specifically addressed to you.

I have enjoyed listening to Brazilian music for many many years.  My brother Matt bought a tape a long time ago called Sambada (I think that was the name).  It was a compilation and I was hooked.  I might have been 12 or so.

Now, thanks to Pandora I can plug in Samba or Brazil and listen to awesome music all night.  We’re all listening to this guy Gonzaguinha and its right up my ally.

Hazel, my Mom and Dad and my brothers and sister introduced me to such an awesome selection of music and such a wide variety of music at a very early age.  Your Grampa Collins would bring home interesting music from all corners of the globe.  I’m going to do the same with you.  I’ve got my fingers crossed you have the music gene!  Its a wonder form of relaxation and means to meet amazing people throughout your whole life.

Two individuals who I’ve met through music brought us terrific beef stew last night.  Thanks a ton George and Emily.  We’ve got food from a ton of music people I’ve already mentioned.  The point is that these are amazing people and I feel so lucky to know them.

Today the weather dried right out.  Blue skies peppered with white puffy clouds predominated.  It was a welcome change from the humid tropical air and thunderstorms.

Lastly, you are still fussy, and despite my lecture about how we are all chill people and we have a chill cat and chill dog you continue to stress about food.  Trust us, we are going to feed you if its the only thing left to do in the world.

Time to put the salmon fish cakes on and get dinner going.


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