Day 34

Friday, June 11, 2010:  10:55PM

Guest Blogger Greg Schultz:

When they say sleep like a baby… it really doesn’t make sense until you see a 4.5week old passed out in a crib four times her size.

Hazel is asleep like a baby.  She looks so peaceful and I will carry her peace with me for some time now that I have witnessed the age old saying.


Met up with AC after last day of contract work out here in beautiful Boston Massachusetts.  We went to Bukowskis over by Mass ave and Boylston and had a great Cheeseburger and a beer.  The burgers there are delicious… there is something about an East coast burg that taste, just right.  We proclaimed “That burger hit the spot… ” and we really meant it.

We strolled out to the vibrant streets of Boston on a summer night.  The energy was high with bums commentating on the freaks and the kids skatin, tearin up the stairs on the stoop of the Boston Public Library and the weather  was perfect.

Had an expensive snifter of Whiskey at the Oak Room of the Fairmont and got some free piano entertainment.  Then we made our way back to Medford and Hazel, with a stroll through Harvard Square, 2010, on the way.

Enjoying the Spaniards spouting out there passion for the World Cup recap of the day on the Latin news channel, because no Am channels cover….

Tomorrow will bring a new day for Hazel in this great world and many new things to see, scents to smell, and sounds to hear.

Folker, out.

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