My Dad

I’m here winding up my Father’s day thinking about my own Dad.  I received an email from him this morning.  He’s off the coast of Sicily headed towards the Straits of Gibraltar and on to Casablanca, Morocco.

He’s so anxious to meet Hazel and I equally excited for the occasion.

It isn’t the first time he’s had to wait to meet a new member of the family.  For six months he sat on a ship in harbor in Vietnam during my mother’s pregnancy of my oldest brother Dan.  It wasn’t until 3 months or so after his birth that my Dad arrived back home to meet his first born son.

I’m so lucky to have him as a father.  The curiosity and lust for learning he instilled in me will certainly be passed on to my daughter.  If she’s lucky, maybe her Grampa will teach her to sail (hint hint) or take her for a long walk in the woods pointing out the different plants, birds, trees and living creatures roaming around.

I always miss my Dad when he’s out to sea.  The silver lining is that it makes the time he’s ashore that much more cherished.

Happy Father’s Day Dad.

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