Day 47

Guest blogger signing on…

She is growing like crazy and seems more happy and engaged by the minute.  LOVE HER.  She now enjoys sucking on her hand, relaxing in her lamb swing, dancing, and going out for coffee with Mom.  Hopefully she’ll always love those last two.  She doesn’t seem to love the heat and she most certainly doesn’t love when a meal is even a second late .

To add to Andy’s little blurb about Hazel’s name, let me add some things we just read after hearing Hazel’s name mentioned in a song (Hazel, Dad is making some delicious dinner right now and the five of us, Char and Vin included, of course, are hanging out in the kitchen listening to music.  We do this a lot.  Some day you’ll have to ask Dad to teach you how to cook…I’ll teach you the desserts).  Okay, so back to the name thing…”The hazel might be said to be the quintessential Celtic tree…”  It is associated with wisdom, love, fertility, and protection from evil.

Here are some pictures of what we’re all doing right now…

Dad and Hazel (In another life I am going to have a clutter-free refrigerator)

Me and Vinny (he just got his fur cut today so he’s looking especially handsome!)

And last, but not least, Charlie.  Is there a cuter dog?  I don’t think so.


Kate (Mom)

  1. emma

    i want a clutter free refrigerator too. a lot.

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