Day 51

The anxiety and anticipation waiting for the PE result was almost unbearable.  I had an hour after studying at the library for my CSL test when I was home waiting for the results of my PE exam.  I stalked the mailman around the neighborhood for most of the time but at each street he would continue away from ours.  Finally I had to leave.

The drive to South Boston for my test was agonizing.  I flew through the 3 hour exam in 1 hour.  I waited in the waiting room for my results for about 15 minutes.  I could see that Kate called but was afraid to check the voicemail.  Finally I couldn’t wait any longer.

While listening to the voicemail in which Kate said I passed, the testing agency guy gave me my passing results for the CSL.  I nearly lost it in the waiting room.  There was about 6 people in there and they were all looking at me because I had the hugest smile on my face and start to laugh hysterically.

After 14 years I feel that I finally made it.  I feel real now.  I’m still floating.

  1. Greg

    Such great news man!!!!!! Congrats!!!!

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