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A comment from Grammy Collins:

Thanks for the pictures Andy. Collins party was lots of work and planning, but great fun.  Thanks for all your help Grampa Fran-on the heels of your home-coming!  The little cousins had a grand time-it was such fun to watch them on the slip and slide, the bouncy castle (thanks to Cousin Emily) , playing baseball, destroying the triceratops pinata and performng with our musical instruments from when you and your sibs were little.  Liam and Niall were elated to find that they were each future paleontologists.  Liam noticied that the teeth on the triceratops were incorrect as they were sharp, but should have been blunt because triceratops were not  meat eaters-but were plant eaters.  Who knew? Andy, thanks for your bean salad and delicious strip steaks.  Everyone enjoyed the newest edition to the Collins Family, the lovely Hazel! Love, Mom


Day 82

We like nap time.  Its like half time for parents.  A chance to replenish nutrients, gather yourself, clean (Kate is good at this).  The only difference is that there is no coach growling orders and game plans for the second half.

We had a gift certificate to Tio Juan’s Margaritas so we packed up Haz and headed out for some comida Mexicana.  I was anticipating tex-mex gruel but was pleasantly surprised by the chile verde burrito.  Why does chipotle pepper have to make a cameo in all Mexican food now though.  ENOUGH CHIPOTLE!

Oh yeah, oil spill update, new one up in Michigan I believe, and another new one in the Gulf.  Awesome!

Day 81

Yep, it left a dent.  Baking in the sun dehydrating all day is not good when coupled with a few beers at night.  Its best to rehydrate, then have a beer or three.

Hazel was a bit grumpy today.  I’m learning her different cries thanks to Kate.  The shrill high pitched scream means hungry.

Day 80

Finished the deck today (99% done is finished in my book 😉 ).

Went to Ben and Emma’s for supper along with Erinne and Jeremy.  The steak tips we’re great!  As was the beer but that goes without saying.  The real shining star of the night was that chocolate soufflé, outstanding.

I feel like tonight might leave a dent.

Day 79

Monday and back to it.  I’m moving slightly slower today, yesterday was a blast though!  Almost done with Ben and Emma’s deck.  I might steal it though, kinda falling in love with it.

Day 78

The Von Trapp Family reunion!  All the eight hundred collins/davis cousin’s were to perform and perform they did along with Uncle Fran and Dad/cousin Matt.

Good times all around.  I have to say it was really a blast seeing all the cousins running around having fun in the back yard together.  The scary part is that I was 6 when we moved back to 404 South Main Street in Cohasset and that is James’ age now.  It doesn’t seem that long ago.

I remember cruising the neighborhood with Pete, Emily, Steve Cahill, the other Steve who lived up by Pete and a bunch of the kids from behind Pete’s, Ledgewood Drive I think it was.  We’d play flash light tag, freeze tag, hide-n-seek.  Tons of fun.

Hazel seemed to enjoy herself.

After the party we headed up the street to see Aunt Rose and her parents Walter and Olga Lucky.  I’m so happy that I got to see them.  Walter and Olga, know as Grammy and Grampa Lucky are two of the most amazing people I know.  Everything that they speak is profound and I feel Lucky, to know them.  May they live a lot longer to see their grandchildren grow.

Day 77

It was great to see everyone at George and Emily’s last night.  Hazel held her own!

I had a bunch of new pictures on the iphone but they’ve been lost somehow.  I upgraded to the new software and they must have got deleted.

Day 76

Almost finished with Ben and Emma’s deck, its looking very sharp.  Rain halted work prematurely though.

We’re going to George and Emily’s tonight to see the Kane Sisters and Edel Fox.  Hopefully Hazel holds up, she’s a bit cranky today.

Day 75

Kate took Hazel up to NH today and I crashed out after work so not too much to report.

Day 74

I drove up to Newburyport to look at some work today.  What a beautiful little city right on the Merrimack River.

The big news today is that Hazel met her Grandfather for the first time.  He flew into Logan where Grammy picked him up and brought him to Medford.

Grampa was a bit tired from all the travel and the hard 3 months of work he just did but was thrilled to see his new little granddaughter.  He played a tune on accordion and Hazel seemed to like it.  We ate super and they headed on home.