Day 57

I lost my cool last night with Hazel.  There is just so much crying.  If she is still for a few seconds she’ll start crying.  So intolerant of being still or being left along or even for being awake.

At least Kate can calm her quickly.  Hazel knows her smell and if all else fails she can suckle a little bit to calm down.

For me, there are a series of things I can do, swaddle, bounce her walk her around but its just so frustrating to have to do this constantly and just pray she goes to sleep.  I really hope this episode comes to a close soon.  I wasn’t prepared for so much crying and melting down.

We did have a really nice evening though.  Sat outside in the back  yard and had a drink and some snacks then went to Ben and Emma’s for a burger.  Gorgeous night.  The weather is going to start to suck though. 90 degree plus days for the next week.

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