Day 59

Tuesday and the heat continues.  I headed off to Home Depot to get another air conditioner for Kate and the Baby.  On the way I got word that a delivery of lumber was headed to Ben and Emmas so I had to round up and head there to receive it.

Continuing on to the Depot after the off load, I purchased an 8000 Btu ac unit.  Got it home, lugged it up the stairs, unpacked it and low and behold, no window installation kit.  So I packed it back up and headed out to return it.  At that point my patience was wearing thin, eroded by the dog breath heat.

It could have gone two ways at the Depot.  One, me “falling down” and going psycho on the customer service representative or I manage to keep it cool and walk out with a complete ac.  After I described my situation they said to go get another but wouldn’t you know, none left.  It seemed I would loose it.

Thankfully they upgraded us to the 10,000 Btu model so we officially have the white trash bomber of an ac hanging out of our side window.  Its pure luxury.


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