Day 62

I talked to Grampa this morning.  He was sailing past Key West and was able to get cell phone reception.  He’s so excited to meet his new granddaughter.  Sounds like he’s had a tough voyage.  He hasn’t stepped on land in two months.  There are many, if not most, men my age who couldn’t physically do what my Dad does.  Amazing.

I asked him to take some pictures of the oil spill if they get into it.  At this point, it seem impossible to be anywhere in the Gulf and not see the slick.

I think it was this morning when Hazel had an explosive poop.  The sun has thoroughly bake my brain so my memory is hazy.  Assuming it was, here are some pics from the early morning bath Momma gave her.

Oh, last Monday, one of my friends who will remain nameless, basically said “Hazel is getting cute”, implying she’s been ugly up to that point.  I’m still not sure what he was thinking but I’m going to let is slide, seeing as he is a great friend.

  1. Mom/Gail

    Andy, I love your Hazel blog. It’s funny, it’s topical and some day it’ll be historical-or hysterical; which at times-it is. The pictures are wonderful! But, Andy, Hazel may read it some day; maybe you should tone down the poop stories. Think of her at 11 or 12 reading poop stories about herself—eeeoow-gross. Love, Mom

  2. Hahahaha, even more the reason to write about her poop!

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