Day 65

Today is being titled Paper Work Monday and here’s why.

Back in the year 2006 I submitted an application to take the Structural PE exam.  The application took weeks to compile, required six letters of recommendation, a pound (and I mean exactly a pound) of calculations to demonstrate my work, transcripts from college, and on and on.

Finally in 2010, after having taken the Structural test twice and asking to switch to a different test by letter, I finally passed and have my Civil Engineering PE.

One would think that having submitted the application for the Structural test already, passed and have become a Professional Engineer that it would be easy to call up and simply ask to take the Structural PE one more time.


The state requires that I resubmit everything!  No amount of reason was to deter them, its the law.  I’d happily just pay the extortion fee but nope, the whole thing, including references, transcripts, even proof from NH that I passed the EIT (the test you need to take before being allowed to take the PE which by default no longer matters, right…’cause I have my PE).

Thankfully I saved my whole application from the last time but it still took 8 hours to recompile and update.

I could go on because there is even more stupid bureaucracy involved but I can tell everyone except my mother has stopped reading this post and scrolled down to look at the picture of Hazel.

Fussy Baby

  1. Grampa Collins

    Andy I read the whole thing and saw the notice of your passing the PE exam. I hope Hazel hasn’t graduated high school before I get home. Hope to see you all next week. We are at anchor about 10 miles off Galveston TX since Sunday and expect to go to the dock Fri or Sat.

  2. Ben

    I read the whole thing also! Your dad and I should be anointed Saints. Um…wait…I take that back. You’re dad should be anointed a Saint.

  3. Mom/Gail

    And, of course, I read every word and am so happy for you and very proud of your accomplishment. Good for you for trying the structural exam. I hear it’s very difficult. Love the picture of sweet little Charlotte with Kate. So happy to have two lovely granddaughters and two wonderful grandsons all of whom I/we love very much. Fran and I, at one point some years ago, were afraid we might be sitting in a corner drooling before we ever had any grandchildren. Not drooling -yet, nor sitting in a corner. Grandchildren rule!
    Love, Mom

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