Day 68

And the oil stops.  89 days later, 13 dead, 17 injured, 100,000 barrels per day (BP internal documents released by congress).  There is consequences to everything we do.

I would be devestated if oil poured into the Gulf River.  Its hard to image how I would recover from something like that.  I hold sacred the waters around Cohasset and New England.  There are thousands who feel likewise towards their home waters down in the Gulf.

I think its shameful that BP was allowed to operate with so few safe guards and with such little regard for the environment they operated in.  When money is at stake, humans will sink to the lowest form, abandon all integrity, honest and humanity to secure their pile.  I’m reminded of this, it seems, almost every three or so years.

Doing the right thing is not always easy but to do otherwise is to compromise everything.

The human beings running BP bear ultimate responsibly for the immediate causes of this but everyone who drives a car shares in it.

Blah, it sucks, sorry to post such a depressing entry.

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