Day 69

This was her and Mommy early in the morning.  They looked so peaceful.

Friday and hot.  Hazel, it sounds like your Grampa will be home on Wednesday!  He hasn’t been off the ship in well over two months.  Image that, not stepping foot on land for that long.

Grammy came to visit today but you were in a bad mood.

I think Hazel is starting to teeth, she has been chomping on her hands.  It is early but within the window 2-4 months.

Mom, the food was awesome and I had it for lunch again today.  Thanks!

Her new thing is to be carried around facing forward so she can observe everything.  If she starts crying all you have to do is pick her up and march her around face forward and everything is ok.  Although she only weighs 12 pounds(ish) my arm gets a bit tired to I decided to try using Kate’s sling and tie her to my chest.  The tie was improvised but seemed to work.

The crying is just a front, she really likes it, trust me.

This is her before her bath which turned into a complete disaster.  I might have had the water temperature too high but mostly I think she’s so used to having her Mamma do it that she just got freaked out.  It was not pretty.  I’d say they could have heard her in the North End.  Somehow she managed to survive.

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