Day 70

Hazel, it is important to surround yourself with good people.  If you do, you will never feel alone, bored or unwanted.

Your family will always love you and will always support you.

Travel is important and is best when you have someone to share the experience with.

Food keeps you and everyone else on planet Earth alive.  It is as universal as music.  If you find yourself in unfamiliar territory be open to trying what you see others eating and listen to what others are listening too.  Its the fastest way to make friends and fill an empty stomach.

When something seems too hard and you want to give up, only do so if the goal is not worth it, not because it is hard.  The path of least resistance is never the path of greatest reward.

Use money to pay your bills, buy food, clothing and shelter.  It won’t do much more for you.

Always dig deep to find the truth.  Those pursuing an agenda or bolstering their ego should be looked to for advice on pursing an agenda or bolstering an ego.  To find truth or guidance seek out those who have dedicated their lives to pursing truth not notoriety.

Never say anything about a friend in their absence that you would not say in their presence.

Notions of best, fastest, biggest, smartest, most successful are used by those who need to make themselves feel that way.  Your best gage is how you feel, not how you compare to others.  Do what you feel is right and do it to the best of your ability.

Relax, stress kills.  If things seem overwhelming, count backwards from 10 to 1 taking a long slow deep breath with each number, I guarantee you will feel better.

Sports are fun.  Stay active, it helps you to stay healthy and live a long time.

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