Day 72

Monday.  What can be said.  Hot.  Muggy.

The bambino had a great day according to Kate.

I tried to feed her a bottle at around 6 pm.  It did not go well.  Lets just say I’ve had better luck putting toothpaste back in the tube.  I’ve had better luck scraping gum off the bottom of my shoe.  I’ve had better luck shaving with a butter knife.  I’ve had better luck taking the Fung Wa to New York City!

Heard a show on the radio today about the fur trade and how it shaped our country in the early years.  It was interesting to learn that George Washington was quite upset at the lack of regulation on fur trading, specifically beaver pelt trading.  I kid you not.  Ben Franklin did not like the English fur traders.  Sounds like the French we’re the best.

A beaver pelt worn by a Native American for one year was the most highly prized skin.  After a years worth of wear, the over coat was worn off leaving only the under coat and the natural oils and sweat from the wearer tended to soften the skin and preserve the fur.


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