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Day 114

Yep, still recovering.  It was a two coffee day today but progress is being made on the kitchen.

Kate has discovered that Hazel loves the hip hop version of the song Pop Goes The Weasel.  Its a completely cheesy rap from the early 90’s but when Kate sings it Hazel’s face explodes with a massive open mouth grin.  Its very cute.

Hazel is babbling a lot now and starting to make more sounds, string them together.


Day 111, 112, 113

I was up in Vermont this weekend.  Way up in Vermont in town called West Charleston for Jeremy’s bachelor party.  We had a great time but hit it pretty hard so I’m sure I’ll be tired all week.  No more bouncing right back a day later.

The setting was gorgeous and the weather was perfect.  That far out in the country the air is sweet and smells of fresh hay.

The property we stayed at backed up to a little creek.  We walked down to the creek on Saturday and encountered a little black bear.  Cool to see but thankfully at a distance of about 100 yards.

I wasn’t surprised that I would end up really missing Hazel and Kate but was caught a little off guard at how it crept up on me.  Sounds like they had a great time with Vanny and Fa at Waterville Valley.  It was Fa’s birthday last week.

Which reminds me, Happy Birthday Mr. Fogarty!

Day 109

Nothing to report today.  Steady as she goes.

Day 110

Had lots of help at the Kitchen today in Watertown and made a lot of progress.  It was a long and hard day but thankfully it’s over and I’m onto preparing a dinner for Jeremy’s bachelor party Friday night.

I’m making ribs, chicken, baked beans, corn, cornbread and salad.

Day 108

Cute picture from a couple weeks ago.

Day 107

New job starting today in Watertown.  Its a kitchen remodel on the 7th floor of a condo building.  Lots of lugging things up and down.

Day 106

Some pictures from yesterday.

Day 105

Headed down to Cohasset today to see Grammy and Grampa.  Made a quick stop at True Grounds so Laurel, Duffy, Kate and I could get some rockin’ coffee for the trip south.

The plan was to go out on the boat but the weather was very cool so we stayed put.

Dinner was great and we all had a fun time.

Day 104

Aunt Laurel and Duffy arrive today!  Laurel hasn’t see Hazel yet so we’re all very excited.

Lots of babel from the little girl.  Very cute.

Day 103

See yesterday, only I didn’t get home until 9 tonight.