Day 99

Finally, a day off from work.

We headed down to Cohasset to see Grammy and Grampa and to go for a boat ride on the green boat which has a new engine.

Grammy made a delicious lunch, pork chops for Kate, tabouli, salad, asian cole slaw and brownies.  I was stuffed.  Its nice to have a big meal at lunch for a change.  I’m so used to a big dinner.

The weather was really nice but cool once we got out on the boat.  Hazel seemed to enjoy herself despite becoming a little fussy after cruising around for about an hour.

Its a great engine only the boat handles very differently with the reduced power.  The old engine was a 90 horsepower and the new one is a 50 horsepower.  Although plenty strong to push to boat onto a plane, it doesn’t have the instant power of the 90 and maneuvering will require a bit of learning.  The new engine can’t kick the stern around like the old one and I manage to completely bungle our journey under the bridge which takes us up the river to my parents house.

The tide was still flowing swiftly into the Gulf River which means you have to add a lot of power to maintain steerage.  I didn’t apply enough power and the stern was pushed aside during the most critical section of the passage.  If you don’t thread the needle in one section you’ll hike the old rock pilings from a mill that used to straddle the inlet.

As the current pushed the stern around I goosed the engine.  At that same moment my Dad stood up and the acceleration threw him backwards.  He landed with a thud on the deck and we spun around facing upstream (the wrong way) and managed to make the rest of the passage backwards.  I was so embarrassed.   I’m really hoping he didn’t hurt anything.

To make matters worse, the harbor master came screaming down the river thinking we dropped the lower unit on a rock (what she heard was Grampa hitting the deck) and asking if we needed help.

Now, I’m not going going to say I hold the record for number of safe passaged under that bridge but I have definitely taken the boat under there more than most people in the world.  To have it go so badly was quite an embarassment.

One a good note, Grampa managed to save both beers he was holding and spill only a few drops.  Quite a feat.

The wreckage of my poor boat handling.

My Dad’s shirt reads “If a man speaks at sea and there is no woman there to hear him, is he still wrong?”   We’re still not sure what the answer is.


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