Day 100

And I have Hazel all to myself today!  Kate has done a rock star job of taking care of Hazel for the past three plus months.  She is a model momma but she was getting to a point where she needed some alone time and since it didn’t work out over the weekend I promised her I’d take Hazel for the day today.  Kate deserved it and more.

I was trying to think of things to do with her but the weather was so iffy I didn’t want to schedule a hike in the woods or something like that.  I also knew I had to get far away from the house to prevent the temptation of running home, a whimpering mess because I couldn’t handle the duties.

I decided to take her to the Wrentham outlets, a.k.a. hell on earth.  If she melted down there, her screaming would seem like a dulcet lullaby compared to the throngs of overweight shopaholics feeding their addiction to consumerism while stuffing fistfuls of candy and iced coffee down their necks.

I was right!

I also needed to buy a black suit for Jeremy and Erinne’s wedding and figured that might be my best hope for finding a reasonably priced one.

Hazel did great, she cried from Neponsett to Route 24 and slept the whole rest of the time.  She woke briefly a few times while I franticly searched the outlets but remained calm and resigned.

As soon as I found a suit we bolted from there faster than Tony Hayward from the Gulf of Mexico.

She slept soundly as we slowly made our way back up to Boston, taking a few long cuts along the way.  We cruised through South Boston and the docks.  There is a lot of action down there with the commercial fish markets, Harpoon Brewery and other restaurants.  Its a confluence of new development and commercial activity.  From there we continued north.

In Davis Square we had lunch.  Hazel had milk and I had a burrito.  By they she fully woke up she was very board with her view from the stroller.  After I got an iced coffee she made it clear that she wanted to see her Mommy so we headed back to the WM, arriving around 3:30 to a very happy Kate.

I hope Hazel had as much fun as I did.

  1. Ben

    Paragraph 3, sentence 2.
    couldn’t have said it better myself.

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