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A comment from Grammy Collins:

Thanks for the pictures Andy. Collins party was lots of work and planning, but great fun.  Thanks for all your help Grampa Fran-on the heels of your home-coming!  The little cousins had a grand time-it was such fun to watch them on the slip and slide, the bouncy castle (thanks to Cousin Emily) , playing baseball, destroying the triceratops pinata and performng with our musical instruments from when you and your sibs were little.  Liam and Niall were elated to find that they were each future paleontologists.  Liam noticied that the teeth on the triceratops were incorrect as they were sharp, but should have been blunt because triceratops were not  meat eaters-but were plant eaters.  Who knew? Andy, thanks for your bean salad and delicious strip steaks.  Everyone enjoyed the newest edition to the Collins Family, the lovely Hazel! Love, Mom



Hazel writes:

“This is me dancin’, I wike dancin'”

Nap Time

World Cup

You could say that I’m getting excited for the World Cup, but that would be an understatement for Hazel.  She wanted me to post this video:

More Food!

Our friend Shannon and Matt made us dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow!  With all the craziness going on, food is just about the best thing anyone can bring us.  The food was awesome!

Which bring up another point.  I love where we live, so many close friends who live in Medford alone.  And many more in the towns around us.

Debit Card Fraud

And in other news, some douche bag stole Kate’s debit card number and purchased over a $1000 worth of goods from a perfume importer in Chile.  God help us if the fraud department at our bank doesn’t rule in our favor.


Huge thanks to Brett and Eileen for bringing us food Friday night.  Zuccini pie was awesome!

Also, thanks to Emma for bringing us more food, can’t wait to have it.  Bringing food to new parents is definitely the most helpful thing anyone can do.

Ben, thanks for helping me bottle the hard cider.

New friend

Hazel and Elsa meet.  Elsa is two weeks older.


A constant refrain for us during the past week and a half has been, “How the hell do people do this in the jungle?”  We seem to require so much stuff to manage our baby (more on that to come).

The other constant refrain is how lucky we feel to have such supportive families and  friends.  There has been a constant stream of well wishing, food and offers of help from our friends.  We feel so lucky.

Our families have been there at every turn in the road with help, guidance and support.  Its hard to really grasp how lucky we are.

One last thing, if this post isn’t proof that my estrogen levels are spiking, than maybe the fact that I’m lactating is.  I seriously need to spend some man time with a nail gun soon!


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