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Time flies

I had a great visit with Paul and Stacy.  He just texted “Who would’ve imaged 12 years ago in Alexander [our dorm at UNH] we would be hanging out talking about breast-feeding & babies”.

I have lots of grey hair now, a car payment, debt, a house, the beginnings of wrinkles and now a baby.  A freakin’ baby!  Its almost to hard to believe except she’s sitting next to me helping me edit this post.



8+ feedings: check

3+ poops: check

6+urines: check

First day we’ve reached the goals in the New Baby Instruction Manual (given to all first time owners of the homo sapiens version mammals)!

Double Barrel

Good bye meltdown, hello double barrel feeding.  She just went instantly from one breast to the other without so much as a whimper.  Could it be that we’ve crossed into promised land?  I’m superstitious and therefore just jinxed us but I’ve touched every piece of wood in arms length and have my fingers and toes crossed.


Its not just for doors!

Hazel’s time to latch is quickly shortening to less than 5 minutes.  If I remove the 60 minute outlier for today she’s down to around 8 minutes.  This is huge.  During the lead up to a real latch is when the meltdowns occur.  “Time to latch” is inversely proportional to the sanity of mom.  As the time goes down mom’s sanity goes up.  I’m glad Hazel is learning.

Day 1-4

Day 1, Sunday May 9, 2010: Hazel is born at 4:03 a.m.  Kate is ecstatic and exhausted.  I’m overwhelmed.  Dr. Huang was awesome and the nurse’s were outstanding.

Day 2:  Cognition is weak, baby is healthy, we’re tired.  I remember waking up at one point and a nurse was checking the baby over.  I was in that semi dream state and could not speak.  The nurse seemed like she was showing off at how aggressively she could handle the baby.

Day 3: Time to go home.  Everyone at MGH was amazing.  We didn’t have a bad experience with anyone.  What an awesome team.  We’re seeing Hazel’s fussy eating.  Still a bit shell shocked but glad to be going home.  Friends bring us dinner.  We’re so lucky to have such good friends.

Day 7

No sleep for Kate last night.  At 7a.m. she handed off the football to get some rest and that left me wondering how I would accomplish walking the dog and watching the babe.  Time to break out the baby carriage and take the young one for her first stroll.

I Couldn’t ask for a better morning.

On the other hand Charlie’s new normal continues to deteriorate.  She seemed really pissed that the baby has now invaded walks.

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