Day 123

The bank appraiser stooge came this morning.  He was prickly.

Good day otherwise.  Mom and Dad came in to help ring in my 33nd year on planet earth.


Day 122

Day two for Kate back at work.  Still a hugely difficult separation but both Hazel and Kate are doing great.

This is a big step for both baby and momma.  They have spent the last four months together, intimately joined with one another.

The happy reunion!

Day 121

This was a tough day for the family.  Kate’s first day back to work.  I was surprised at how affected I was.

Kate did awesome.  Hazel hung in there too.

Day 120

The hippies from New Hampshire and Vermont have finally made an incursion into Massachusetts.  Luckily all they brought was their pizza.  Flatbreads opened up in Davis Square a short time ago.  We decided it was time for us to sample it.  All in all, not bad.

Apparently a few disgruntled bartenders fled Redbones to man the kegs at Flatbreads.  I didn’t see any of them and I’m dubious of their claims that Redbones was a bad place to work.  I’ve been going to RB’s for almost 10 years now and I’ve seen the same faces behind the bar for most of that period.  Maybe a coup is underfoot but I’ll wait and see.

I’d have to say that the experience of watching the cooks shove topping covered dough into the stone hearths has a lot to do with the enjoyment.  I’m not sure I’d be doing back flips about the pizza if there wasn’t theater accompanying it.  Also, I’ll chalk up our 10 minute wait for a beer order to a break in period.

Hazel would have preferred we not go.

“Yeah, hippies make better stone hearths than pizza and I’m happy now but in 4 minutes I’m going to loose my shit cause Momma and Dad want to stay for another beer!”

Day 119

My plan was to make a special dinner tonight but we were graciously invited for margaritas to our friends Alex and Corey’s.  We certainly couldn’t pass up margaritas.

The we’re pretty awesome and pretty strong.  Corey is the local bread maker.  They haven’t bought bread in well over a year (maybe longer).  Being invited to their place is like being invited to a baker’s shop, always the anticipation of an outstanding slice of fresh bread.

Ross and Tamara also joined us so it was the neighborhood newborns and newparents having a good drink, some chat and fun.

“Serious!  We’re going to see Elsa and Owen!  I’m gonna crap my pants!!!”

Beautiful Elsa

I think the only picture I took of Owen was with his parents camera.  Needless to say, he’s a handsome devil.

Day 118

My turn.  Kate has a date with the hair dresser so I had Hazel for the morning.

We headed south to see Grammy and Grampa down in Cohasset.  Grammy was a bit under the weather but was delighted to see little Hazey.  Grampa was not under the weather but also very delighted to see his little granddaughter.

The weather was pretty spectacular to boot.

Day 117

“Wouldn’t it be the best if we went to Redbones early tonight?”

Thats what I said to Kate.

It was awesome.  We ate downstairs and had the place to ourselves.  5pm is the hour that parents go out with their children.  Chile verde and catfish fingers, as good as always.

Day 116

Drove Ben to the airport tonight.  He’s off to Brussels to meet his wife for a baby moon.  I was definitely jealous.  The beer in Belgium is legendary and if anyone can appreciate it, Ben can.

Snugglin’ time with momma

Day 115


Day 114

Yep, still recovering.  It was a two coffee day today but progress is being made on the kitchen.

Kate has discovered that Hazel loves the hip hop version of the song Pop Goes The Weasel.  Its a completely cheesy rap from the early 90’s but when Kate sings it Hazel’s face explodes with a massive open mouth grin.  Its very cute.

Hazel is babbling a lot now and starting to make more sounds, string them together.

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